By Faith

I continue to believe in what you say lord!! You continue to make all things possible in my life. I could not continue this journey without you. As I devout my life to you, you continue to show me your presence each and everyday!!

About Us

                  The Sisters for Christ page was founded in October 2011 (Facebook Group by Sheila Ebey)  as a way of expression for fellow Christian believers who love the lord , enjoy talking ,and relating life experiences. The page grew as time went by and that lead me to search for another media to express what this group means to a lot of fellow believers. We have weekly Bible studies that we do on Skype, and they are conducted by a female Pastor. We wanted to have discussions about books  that we may have read , as well as our own personal struggles as Christians, and as women.. So, I decided to look for another site where the content was not offensive and could be discussed openly among believers in Jesus Christ. Above is our  groups logo that shows just a women with no color , because Jesus did not separate us because of skin color. We are different and uniquely made according to his plan. The group is private to avoid conflict with those who don’t share our views. It is  by invitation only and has continue to grow for those seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.  If you would like to contact me a form has been in- cluded so that we may discuss what this group may have to offer those who seek a  greater relationship with the lord.Thank you and God Bless!!