Stand for Israel!

When critical situations arise in Israel, be among the first to know by signing up with First Alert. First Alert will send you a text message only when the most important events occur that have an impact on Israel’s safety. The situation in the Middle East can change very quickly – support Israel by staying informed with First Alert, and then share that knowledge with others! Text ALERT to 877877 to opt-in to these messages.

Praise report!!

I have a praise report to share – last night during the bible study we prayed for a man who was having surgery for a clogged artery this morning. His daughter just posted that the surgeons when in this morning, but his artery was NOT clogged! God is still the God who heals! He is still in the miracle business! Thank You, Lord for Your healing touch again!

From Tonya!!!

Baby Isabella!!

Ashley Jordan

Update on Isabella……She is growing so fast she is already at 2lbs 3oz.. Her oxygen is at 32% today so she is having a very good day..When she gets to 3lbs 5oz she can wear clothes which we will have to provide for her not sure where we are going to find that small of clothes…I cant to see my little girl miss her so much…I love you Isabella Marie Naibauer…