Good Morning!!

Good Morning Sisters,

Bible study was great last night!! I hope you ladies were all blessed by being there. The holiday is almost here. It will be a day of great celebration. Remember this Sunday is Palm Sunday!!! Be blessed.


  1. reneeangel1977 · March 30, 2012

    I am always blessed by the time we spend during the Bible Studies! God always has something for me! and last night He showed me what I have been struggling with this week. I was looking at the problem/storm and not looking to the One who calms the storms and stills the raging seas. I was giving him the problem, but then taking it back, instead of leaving it at His feet. Thanks for always being there for me, ladies, you mean so much to me! I love you!

    • sistersforchrist · March 30, 2012

      We love you and you have been a blessing!!! showing us your heart for more of the lord!!! learning and living God’s word. It is a honor to know you!!

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