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The Beauty of She

The world is consumed with death.What happens to the body when we die, where do we go? What affects our placement in the after-life….but, I must ask , as Christians shouldn’t we be asking the “other” question?  What happens to me when I live?  Truly live.  Radically live.  Live the reality of the indwelling nature of Christ fully alive on the inside. What then?  What changes. What has to have new language because the old can not express this living of life?

I am going to be meandering here a bit I think.

What do you think?  What happens to us when we live?

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Good Morning all. I hope this day finds you blessed and highly favored as it does me. God has allowed me the time to get to the book of Matthew and I’m so excited!! Lets begin by discussing what the book of Matthew is all about.

Matthew was a Jewish tax collector ,who became one of Jesus disciples. This Gospel forms the connection between the Old and New Testament because its emphasis is on fulfillment of prophecy. The time was about A.D 60-65and the key places are Bethlehem,Jerusalem, Capernaum,Galilee, and Judea.

The key people in Matthew are Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, the disciples, the religious leaders, Caiaphas, Pilates,and  Mary Magdalene. This Gospel is not a chronological account: its purpose was to present the clear evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior.

“Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No , I came to accomplish thier purpose.” (5:17)

Matthew gave his account by giving Jesus genealogy.  He then tells of Jesus birth and early years, including the family escape to Egypt from the murderous Herod and their return  to Nazareth.. Following Jesus baptism by John(3:16-17) and his defeat of Satan in the wilderness, Jesus began his public  ministry by calling his first disciples and giving the Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7). Matthew shows Christ’s authority by reporting his miracles of healing the sick and the demon possessed and even raising the dead.

Despite opposition from the Pharisees and others in the religious establishment ( chapter 12-15) Jesus continues to teach concerning the Kingdom of Heaven ( chapter 16-20). During this time Jesus spoke to his disciples about his death and resurrection(16:21) and revealed his true identity to Peter, James, and John( 17:1-5). Near the end of his ministry, Jesus enter the city of Jerusalem in a triumphant procession (21:1-11). But soon opposition mounted and Jesus knew that his death was near. So he taught the disciples about the future and what they could expect before  his return (chapter 24) and how to live until then(chapter25).

In Matthew’s final chapters(26-28) he focuses on Jesus’ final days on earth -the Last Supper, his prayer at Gethsemane, the betrayal by Judas, the flight of the disciples, Peters denial, the trials before Caiaphas and Pilate, Jesus final words on the cross and his burial in a borrowed tomb. But the story does not end there, for the Messiah rose from the dead–conquering death and telling his followers to continue his work by making disciples in all nations.

As you read the this Gospel, listen to Matthews clear message, Jesus is the Christ, the king of Kings and Lord of lords. Celebrate his victory over evil and death, and make Jesus the Lord of your life!! Amen!!

It has been a long night…

It has been a long night and a long week , but I’m still going to praise the lord. My feet hurt and I have a demanding job ,but God is still my King! It is amazing how people say they are going to do something and they don’t. No matter what life throws my way I will still remain on fire for the lord. He is what moves me to get up in the morning and sing his praises. I will not let the devil hold me down or get in the way of spreading the good news.  I will not message people to follow the blog or send them messages as to when we are on. We have bible study every Thursday on Skype and all are welcome.

I have met several new people on the blog and some of them are men. When this page was a private group on Facebook a lot of people did not want it to move to the blog page. Well we have several active bloggers that I am glad to be  following my page as I am to be following theirs and reach out to others all over the world.

The emails from yours sites with your new messages have been great. I can’t wait till shift changes and I can read them all. It is wonderful finding others who wish to rejoice in the lord and share what they have learned about the Lord!!! I will be posting this week on the book of Matthew. The New testament is awesome!!  Have a blessed night!!!