Ashley Naibauer…

Ashley Naibauer

Update on Isabella…She is doing very well today….She weighs 3lbs 5 1/2ozs so now she can wear clothes yay……Her oxygen is at 35%…She had belly time again today…I got to hold her today and take her temp, and change her diaper…She is wearing her new hat today…They went up on her feedings she is at full feed which is 22ml every three hours. Still havent heard when the surgery will be all i know is it will be sometime next week. Please continue to keep bella in your thoughts and prayers….


  1. cmarieh90 · April 6, 2012

    Praise the Lord! Such great news!!

  2. grammie46732 · April 6, 2012

    Wonderful news!!! So happy to hear that precious baby is doing well!

  3. sistersforchrist · April 6, 2012

    So glad

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