In the beginning!

Hi Sisters,

I just wanted to take the time today and reflect on the changes that that have taken place since the group is no longer a private group on Facebook. As of today the group is public and can be seen by all connected to Facebook. This maybe only be temporary, as I need to see that there are no problems with the page. The same content that we had on the Sisters page still applies here. There will be many activities and events coming up that we can do as a group or on our own. The bible studies will still be conducted on Thursday by Pastor Kim Rollmann!  No message of fear will be allowed on the page.

The paged changed because the lord has other plans and I choose to obey him and not that of the world. This blog is connected to Facebook will allow us to reach a greater audience for the kingdom. Now, if we do experience any problems, the page will go back to being private. There is a chat box on the new page. Please follow the directions and if someone is on the page as is with Facebook you will be able to see and chat with them. Enjoy! If you have any questions just send me an email or chat me and I can walk you through the process.

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