God’s Love

Because God loves us so much he hates hypocrisy and careless living. The kind of living that denies him the relationship  he wants to have with us.What we give and how we live reflects the sincerity  of our love for God!

God deserves our very best honor,respect,and faithfulness. But sin hardens our heart to our true condition. Pride is unwarranted  self-esteem ; it is setting your own judgement above Gods and looking down on others. Don’t  let pride keep you from giving God your devotion, money,marriage,and family.

At Christ’s first coming, he refined and purified all those who believed in him. Upon his return, he will expose and condemn those who are proud, insensitive, or unprepared. Yet  God is able to heal and forgive. Forgiveness is available to all who come to him!

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