Prayer Requests

I know these should be on the prayer tab but I can’t post them there.

1. Thom’s friend Aaron – his dad had a massive heart attack yesterday and is in a coma. Looks like he was without oxygen for about 5 mins. Doesn’t look good.

2. One of the babies in our church, Daniel, has an infection and high fever. Spent most of last night at the hospital, if he doesn’t get better within a day or so, they are going to remove his tonsils.

Thanks for praying with me!




  1. sistersforchrist · April 15, 2012

    praise the lord!!

  2. sistersforchrist · April 14, 2012

    It doesn’t matter what page sister!!! Asking that the lord healing touch consumes them both and lets them know that he loves and care for them. He heals there pain and continues to give them peace and comfort!! Amen

    • reneeangel1977 · April 14, 2012

      Update on baby Daniel: the fever has broken and he seems to be doing a little better. Thank You Jesus for your healing touch on this little boy!

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