Your never to young to be called by God!!


I really feel the urge to write a post on the significance of young people in the church and how many young people have been deceived to think they’re too young to be called by God. After reading Isaiah 61:3b, i heard God tell me that this was what he wanted me to be. An oak of righteousness, lofty, distinguished and set apart, for the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. And this is what he wants you to be too! This verse actually refers to what Jesus came to fulfil later on through his death on the cross. Jesus didn’t just come so you can go to heaven; He came to make you an oak of righteousness, to be set apart and distinguished so that His Father may be glorified.

 that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing…

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This is great!!

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

I was in sin’s prison, oh, so dark and cold

Like a lost sheep wandering from God’s eternal fold

Then the door swung open, Jesus said to me

I have signed your pardon, now you may go free


Jesus signed my pardon, this I surely know

He took my place at Calvary, now I don’t have to go

All my life I’ll give to Him – He gave His for me

Jesus signed my pardon there at Calvary.


Since the Savior led me from that awful place

I can hear the angels as they sing Amazing Grace.

I know I was pardoned from my sin and shame

My heart is always singing Glory to His name


Life is now worth living since I’ve been set free

I’m glad He was willing to save a wretch like me

Now I have a mansion, not a prison wall


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Spiritual Savant

A more prosaic post by my post-Christian friend, Zane Gilley.

Years ago, while I was still Christian, I had this great idea for a song about the three young men in the fiery furnace.  I don’t recall any of the verses of it, but the chorus still comes readily to mind.

  “What’s it to you, O Nebuchadnezzar,
   Why do we care, what you do to us?
   The God that we serve, lives ever and ever,
   And he has the pow’r to deliver us.” 

 The reason I am writing this today is because in the story, these three men believed in something.  They believed in it strongly. And when they were tested, the believed it defiantly.

 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9

These men believed the bowing to images was evil, and they acted accordingly.  No…

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The time between the Old and New Testament (Part 4)

The Maccabean Period- 165-63 B.C

However, independence proved to be both short-lived and disastrous. As the political dynasty of the Maccabee, also called the Hasmoneans, assumed both the throne and the office of high priest, the nation became beset by infighting. The Sadducees supported Hasmonean rulers as both kings and priest,whereas the Pharisees insisted that a true king could could only be a descendant of David and a priest could only be a descendant Aaron. The founder of the Essenes (the community which preserved for posterity the Dead Sea Scrolls)may also have founded his Qumran community around this time, in reaction against the Hasmoneans. As successive rulers became more and more unpopular (for example, Alexander Janneas was pelted by the Jews at the festival when he attempted to perform his priestly duties- he responded by massacring 6,000 of them) the country became increasingly unstable.

Israelite factions turned to mercernaries and outside nations for support. By the time the growing Roman empire  turned its attention toward Israel, the nation was able to offer little resistance. In 63 B.C., Pompey sacked Jerusalem. Soon the Jews were once again under the command of a foreign ruler, in this case an Idumean named Antipater who had been installed by Rome. Antipater’s son, Herod the Great, followed him as king of the Jews, and it was under his rule that Jesus was born-and that all babies in Bethleham were killed.


Yesterday’s Sermon was about money – Where is your treasure?

4 tests for treasure:

1. Durability Test- How long will it last? Do we do our banking here or in Heaven? Make your deposits into the “1st bank of Heaven”. 2 things last for eternity, The Word and People.  Invest in people.

2. Heart Test – Where do you invest your time and money? Your heart follows your treasure.

3. Mind Test – Where is your focus? On things above or things below?

4. Master Test- Whom do you serve? God or Mammon? Mammon is a proper noun – a deity – it rivals God for prominence in our life.  Mammon is a false god that makes false promises of security, power, hope… Things that only God Almighty can give us.  (google images of mammon – it even looks like a demon)


Good Morning Sisters and Brothers!!!

Good Morning to my SistersforChrists and my fellow male brothers in the lord. Its nice to have some gentlemen as my blogger friends as I go into this new adventure of going from private to public and your help would greatly be appreciated on getting things set up. It is also nice to get things from a male perspective as we all know that we think differently, but I feel brothers and sisters in the lord think the same.

Be blessed on this glorious morning and enjoy the page as it takes form and we all share the gospel together. The last of the history and time between the Old and New Testament is about over and then we can get into the New Testament! Amen!

Gospel of Peresopnytsi (1556–1561) featuring a miniature depicting St Luke