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Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

I was in sin’s prison, oh, so dark and cold

Like a lost sheep wandering from God’s eternal fold

Then the door swung open, Jesus said to me

I have signed your pardon, now you may go free


Jesus signed my pardon, this I surely know

He took my place at Calvary, now I don’t have to go

All my life I’ll give to Him – He gave His for me

Jesus signed my pardon there at Calvary.


Since the Savior led me from that awful place

I can hear the angels as they sing Amazing Grace.

I know I was pardoned from my sin and shame

My heart is always singing Glory to His name


Life is now worth living since I’ve been set free

I’m glad He was willing to save a wretch like me

Now I have a mansion, not a prison wall


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