Yesterday’s Sermon was about money – Where is your treasure?

4 tests for treasure:

1. Durability Test- How long will it last? Do we do our banking here or in Heaven? Make your deposits into the “1st bank of Heaven”. 2 things last for eternity, The Word and People.  Invest in people.

2. Heart Test – Where do you invest your time and money? Your heart follows your treasure.

3. Mind Test – Where is your focus? On things above or things below?

4. Master Test- Whom do you serve? God or Mammon? Mammon is a proper noun – a deity – it rivals God for prominence in our life.  Mammon is a false god that makes false promises of security, power, hope… Things that only God Almighty can give us.  (google images of mammon – it even looks like a demon)


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  1. sistersforchrist · April 16, 2012

    I like that!!

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