1. reneeangel1977 · April 18, 2012

    how is your father-in-law doing?

    • sistersforchrist · April 19, 2012

      not good!!! lungs full of fluid and kidneys not functioning…Jerry is taking it hard!!!

      • reneeangel1977 · April 19, 2012

        Praying for peace and comfort for Jerry and the rest of the family as well.

      • sistersforchrist · April 19, 2012

        thanks darling!!!Jerry is having a rough time of it…

      • reneeangel1977 · April 19, 2012

        Father God, in Jesus Name, and by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I ask that You surround Jerry today with Your people, Your peace, Your comfort. Your Word tells us that those who mourn shall be comforted, and we thank You for that. Please wrap Your loving arms around Jerry and his Dad, and let them feel You today. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

      • sistersforchrist · April 19, 2012

        Amen and thank you sis!!

  2. reneeangel1977 · April 17, 2012

    Continuing to lift him up!

    • sistersforchrist · April 17, 2012

      Thank you sis!!!

      • reneeangel1977 · April 18, 2012

        Thank you for praying! I will post an update as soon as I hear something.

      • sistersforchrist · April 18, 2012

        thank you!!!

      • reneeangel1977 · April 18, 2012

        Thom’s friend Aaron – they removed the life support earlier today and his dad passed around 2:30

      • sistersforchrist · April 19, 2012

        sorry to hear ..home with the angels!!

      • reneeangel1977 · April 19, 2012

        Praying for comfort for Aaron’s family in this time of loss

      • sistersforchrist · April 19, 2012

        amen !!!!peace and comfort

  3. grammie46732 · April 17, 2012

    Father God, Please heal Sheila’s father – in- law. You have him in your hands ,and we will trust you for the outcome . I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Thankyou Lord. Your mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness

  4. sistersforchrist · April 17, 2012


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