Prayer Request!

Ashley Naibauer Update on Isabella…She is doing very well today..She weighs 4lbs today and her oxygen is at 35%.. They lowered her vent settings again.. As long as her blood gases come back good then they will taker her off of the vent and put her on a c pap.. They up her feedings to 32ml every three hours and once the central line is out later today then she will go to 34ml every three hours…She had an echo done but no results back she also had a head scan done and that showed that there wasnt any new brain bleeds or any increased in the fluid and its going down to normal size. They tapped her again today and took off 15ml and the liquid is getting clearer.. But please keep praying for her…

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  1. sistersforchrist · April 17, 2012

    Still praying for this little one sister!

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