Prayer Requests

The enemy seems to be working overtime – I have a small list:

1. Sarah – young lady in our church, is pregnant and in the hospital. She is really sick and not able to keep anything down.

2. Baby Peter – he is having his spinal surgery tomorrow at 9am. He is 5 mos old and has a tethered spinal cord.

3. Thom’s friend Aaron – his dad had a massive heart attack last week, moderate to severe brain damage. Been on life support since. They are going to pull the plug tomorrow if they don’t see any improvement in next 24hrs.

4. Becca – young lady at our church – she made a mistake and her 4 children have been taken away by child protective services. Praying for peace and comfort for her and for good placement and safety for the kids.

5.  My health – me and Alayla,  (one of the daycare kids) are both feeling under the weather. Sinus, cough, sore throat….

Thank you for your prayers… its alot, but I know our God is able to do more than we can ask, think, or imagine!

One comment

  1. sistersforchrist · April 17, 2012

    So many that need us to truly pray and give all our concerns to the father who is able to send the comforter for peace. To watch over and care and hear the prayers of his children for others. may they all be lifted in Jesus mighty name Amen!

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