The long journey home!!!

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I have been a way for about a week now. With the passing of my father in-law this has been a week of self-reflection and a time to spend with family. Unfortunetly, death brings a lot of things in your life into full focus. The questions you ask yourself and the answers that God gives you! Do I spend enough time with the ones I love? Do I focus on family or do I neglect family? Is family at forefront of my decisions? Who are your friends in time of need? Is social media a tool to get the word out to family and freinds?

You may wonder did the lord answer those questions for me. Yes, he did and then some. I know who cares about me and my family and  for me in my darkest hours here on earth and up above. This is not my home.  During times like this people sometimes thing I won’t bother people during their time of grief, but what you may not realize is they need you to bother them during this time if only to drop a prayer of concern or love.

So, here is to all the people who never forget to call, or send an email, or even leave a message letting you know they really  followers of God word and they care about you and your  family as well.

Thank you!


  1. reneeangel1977 · April 25, 2012

    So sorry to hear of your father-in-laws passing. Prayers of comfort to you and your family

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