It has been a long night…

It has been a long night and a long week , but I’m still going to praise the lord. My feet hurt and I have a demanding job ,but God is still my King! It is amazing how people say they are going to do something and they don’t. No matter what life throws my way I will still remain on fire for the lord. He is what moves me to get up in the morning and sing his praises. I will not let the devil hold me down or get in the way of spreading the good news.  I will not message people to follow the blog or send them messages as to when we are on. We have bible study every Thursday on Skype and all are welcome.

I have met several new people on the blog and some of them are men. When this page was a private group on Facebook a lot of people did not want it to move to the blog page. Well we have several active bloggers that I am glad to be  following my page as I am to be following theirs and reach out to others all over the world.

The emails from yours sites with your new messages have been great. I can’t wait till shift changes and I can read them all. It is wonderful finding others who wish to rejoice in the lord and share what they have learned about the Lord!!! I will be posting this week on the book of Matthew. The New testament is awesome!!  Have a blessed night!!!

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