Good Morning!!!

Good Morning all!!!

What a glorious day that the lord has made. On days like today I think back on all the wonderful things that the lord has done for me. How without him in  my life I would be so totally lost. He brings light when all that has been around has been darkness. He brings strength when I need to take an unpopular stand on the word in today’s world.

The lord gives hope when I can’t rely on the world to provide it. We are to look to the lord for all things even when life is not always easy to get through the “comforter” is always a call away!

If you haven’t given all to the lord then now is the time. Except the lord now or reclaim that passion that you once held so dear , but find that something is missing in your life..

The lord allowed me to create this page as a way of expression of what is really in my heart. It is also here for you sisters and brothers to express what is on your heart and allow us to pray for you!! And I mean really pray. There is a fellow blogger that has migraine headache and will be taking a break from blogging. Though I have only know you for a moment I will pray that the lord will heal that.

I pray that the lord touches all our hearts, breaks our hearts, renews our heart, molds our  hearts for all that he needs it to be…You will be blessed and you will be set free if you allow the lord to be the leader in your life…he is so worthy..he is everything that I live for…is he what you live for??

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