Prayer Request!!

Please pray for all of my new friends(bloggers) and old friends as they start new churches for the kingdom. Let them and the people that they lead be blessed by the Spirit of the Lord and that all that is needed will be provided for. Give them peace and comfort as they  build a solid foundation for the lord.

Let us all pray for each other brothers and sisters alike. We are together in this “Great Commission” to go out and spread the gospel to all the world and to love our neighbors. And look at how the lord has provided for us to do this. Now we have social media to do just that from Google, WordPress, Facebook and etc…

We thank you father  for all that you have provided…let us all be blessed by each other as we offer prayers for each other men, women, and children. We are our brothers, keeper less ye forget.

When God brings people into our lives!!

trinity god jesus

In the beginning it fasinated me and made me wonder how God could bring someone into your life if only for a brief moment and then they are gone?  You come together ,share and love each other and then each goes his or her own way and you loss touch with that person never to been seen again.

Well, isn’t that what God did? Didn’t he send his Son here for a brief moment in time to save us from our sins? But, have we lost touch with him?

Didn’t we go off into the world and decide to do our own thing, and be what we say is our “own person.” Well the father has news for those who have not looked back. YOU ARE HIS!!  HE IS IN CONTROL!

Is that what scares people? We think  we in charge of things. We have the control. I use the word we because we all do it. I know I did. That’s why it took me so long to give the lord my all. I thought I was in control. I controlled my money, business, love, morals everything. It wasn’t until I realized that he has it all that I gave him my all.

So, when your sitting around pondering what ever happened to this person or that person , just remember the person he sent before. He sent them into your for a brief moment for a purpose, but he came for a life purpose that will never be forgotten. Unless you want it to be!!!!


Thanks, to all the bloggers and friends that follow this page. You all have been awesome and I so enjoy reading your blogs for the kingdom. They lift, support and encourage fellow believers and I hope non believers as well.

I am glad we are able to express our feeling about what the lord has done in our lives if only for a brief moment we get to know each other and are able to give thanks to the lord for all that he has provided for each of us.

Keep following, and keep blogging about the father whom through all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26

New International Version (NIV)

26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

A Message!!


I was reflecting over my weekend and what I wanted to say today but , it escapes my mind today. The weather is beautiful and still no rain to speak of. Its not to hot and not to cold, but doesn’t  feel like June weather.I have a lot still to do outside , but just enjoying relaxing, reading and all thoughts to the lord.

I have missed my church lately because my new job has me working on Sundays, but next Sunday I ‘m off to go and worship the King!! I so miss doing that. A lot of people think that it’s ok not to go. You can worship at home. You can do that but the lord also wants you to fellowship and build new relationships with fellow believers and non believer so they can see the light of your spirit. This is also a time to renew and grow for yourself  and this is what I miss most.

I have a wonderful pastor that I really enjoy listening too and I can’t wait to get back to see what the message is. Isn’t it awesome when the message is for you. The lord has a way of talking to you during that time and you often feel that he is talking directly to you and everyone else is invisible. Our father is awesome is how he loves his children.