A Message!!


I was reflecting over my weekend and what I wanted to say today but , it escapes my mind today. The weather is beautiful and still no rain to speak of. Its not to hot and not to cold, but doesn’t  feel like June weather.I have a lot still to do outside , but just enjoying relaxing, reading and all thoughts to the lord.

I have missed my church lately because my new job has me working on Sundays, but next Sunday I ‘m off to go and worship the King!! I so miss doing that. A lot of people think that it’s ok not to go. You can worship at home. You can do that but the lord also wants you to fellowship and build new relationships with fellow believers and non believer so they can see the light of your spirit. This is also a time to renew and grow for yourself  and this is what I miss most.

I have a wonderful pastor that I really enjoy listening too and I can’t wait to get back to see what the message is. Isn’t it awesome when the message is for you. The lord has a way of talking to you during that time and you often feel that he is talking directly to you and everyone else is invisible. Our father is awesome is how he loves his children.


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