When God brings people into our lives!!

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In the beginning it fasinated me and made me wonder how God could bring someone into your life if only for a brief moment and then they are gone?  You come together ,share and love each other and then each goes his or her own way and you loss touch with that person never to been seen again.

Well, isn’t that what God did? Didn’t he send his Son here for a brief moment in time to save us from our sins? But, have we lost touch with him?

Didn’t we go off into the world and decide to do our own thing, and be what we say is our “own person.” Well the father has news for those who have not looked back. YOU ARE HIS!!  HE IS IN CONTROL!

Is that what scares people? We think  we in charge of things. We have the control. I use the word we because we all do it. I know I did. That’s why it took me so long to give the lord my all. I thought I was in control. I controlled my money, business, love, morals everything. It wasn’t until I realized that he has it all that I gave him my all.

So, when your sitting around pondering what ever happened to this person or that person , just remember the person he sent before. He sent them into your for a brief moment for a purpose, but he came for a life purpose that will never be forgotten. Unless you want it to be!!!!


  1. Alton Costa · June 10, 2012

    Yes the Lord does make divine connections. Most of the times we only relise that some was a God sent when we loose touch. That is why I pray for the Holy Spirit to make me more sensitive to His voice so that I can always make the best of what the Lord puts in my road of life. Thanks for sharing, it really gave me food for thought. Blessings

  2. David Chapman · June 4, 2012

    When God brings people into our lives I like to think of them as “divine connections” 🙂

    • sistersforchrist · June 4, 2012

      Amen!!!he does indeed will be praying for the things of your heart and needs of your new church!!!

      • David Chapman · June 4, 2012

        Thank you so much 🙂

      • sistersforchrist · June 4, 2012

        We are bothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and I will pray that all is provided and I will ask all whom I know to pray that all is provided. We both know the power of prayer!!

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