Friends…All things Christian

When I became a Christian I thought that all Christians were sisters and brothers in Christ. As you mature in your walk you learn that not all Christians are they same. God will bring people in your life for a brief moment and at that time you are friends, but he will put others in your life for a lifetime in which you will experience a richer walk with the lord.

Each of us has or should have that Christian friend that is there during all the moments of your walk. You become friends and tell each other everything that is going on in your life. That means the good and the bad. You never offend each other and your very supportive of the others goals. You walk with the lord and when you are drifting they are there to give you a word that gets you back on track with the lord.

I have such a friend who was there before Christ and we will be together in Christ. She has been there during the bad, the good and the in between. I pray for each day and all the journeys that God takes her on. She is a woman after God’s heart. When he tells her to go she goes. She is there for others, day and night and when she wants to scream or lose her temper she talks to the father for guidance.

We had bible study last week and he gave her a word and it was truly for me in a time that was needed even though I had not mention what I was going through. And sometimes, I even have a word for her. Does everyone have a Christian friend like that? I don’t mean a spouse. I mean a friend. We all need that. That’s why we all need each other.

Finds a brother or sister after God’s heart and keep them in yours lives. Remember that even when God put people in your life for just a short time, he also puts others there for the long term and you will know the difference. they are like the message:

Thank you Kim For being that friend!!!

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