I will follow him!!!

Jesus and the Twelve Disciples

Oh what a powerful statement that is. Twelve people dropped their lives and followed Jesus not even knowing how this would change or impact their lives. We in the United States have it good. We freely follow the lord without persecution for the most part. But we should soon realize this maybe changing.

There will soon come a time when we will persecuted as those in other countries. You can see it happening now all around us. Saving Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag removed from schools. I can go on but stories can be found all over the internet.

We see the pictures on the news and I can honestly say will I be able to stand on that day.

I will need the full armor of god to withstand the devil and what is coming our way. Because we do not know when the day or hour that the rapture or the lord will appear we are instructed to be prepare as if that were today!!

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