God”s Mission!!

It is a warm day in Indiana today…temperature says 100 degrees..but the lord is still present in all we do even on this hot day…if I haven’t told you all I’m a CNA and that is hard work, but I really enjoy doing what the lord has call me to do. ..to be in service to others.

You may say whoa you could have picked another service job, but that ‘s one that I can do without, but I would tell you this job is not for everyone. ..it take a special person to do this type of work and work in long-term care facilities… my goal is to work in Hospice and work with those in the final stages on this earth and minster to those who may not know the lord and those who do!!

This is a gift given to me to take care of people to the end and God has taken me through it all. I had one death in training and another two  after I got my license. Praise the lord that they went home to the father.Amen!!

So whatever your job is do it with all your heart and soul and the lord will take care of the rest.