Being Blessed!!

I am so blessed to be the daughter of the most high God!! It has been a long week and still the lord is blessing me. No matter what the trial or situation I am surrounded by his presence.

Yesterday I sat with my mother in law at the hospital and a family member and they talked about not really knowing if they are going to heaven. Here was a time that the Lord used me to preach his word and so I did!!

I told them that we have been purchased and that if we are save and have accepted his grace we are heaven bound. I told them there is no doubt  in my mind that I will see Jesus face to face and that my family and friends will meet me at the gate.

I was not ashamed or afraid as I used to be when talking about the lord. I told them that my hell fire insurance is paid and they need to make sure that their’s is. How blessed we are that the lord transforms our hearts for his good!! So know that you know where you are headed before time runs out!


  1. darrellcreswell · June 26, 2012

    I love what the Lord is doing through your writing. I have added you to my blogroll, blessings Darrell

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