I’m Good -Will I Go to Heaven? Grace Bible Truths


Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

Being good? How do you define it? I hear people say they think that they are good because they are better than most “other people”. Let me share some truth with you. We all share the same status, and that is we are all sinners that deserve judgment.

Having the grace of God in our lives can sometimes lead us to compare ourselves with others. If you view your life in comparison with others, it will leave you with two choices. Either self-righteousness, because you think you are better than others – or despair because you think others are better than you. I am here to tell you that grace can change all that.

If you are defined by you, grace has not taken hold in your life. If we define ourselves by good we think we are, this will lead us to think that we are better than others…

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