Here it is another day and I finally get time to stop in to the page!! Time is not our friend because we sure don’t have enough of it. Today was a day of what would God do!!You’ll enjoy that Lyn!! work is my challenge I can tell you that. People each day come up will some silly stuff and always mock Jesus!

No matter what you tell them they have all the answers. Its’ not that I don’t beleive in God, but if he was so great why did he have so many sinners as followers. That one seems to shut up the religious freaks. I was going to respond and God had me say this that was who he came to save!!

I thought lord there is so much more and I realized all in due time. So many in need of a savior. I ask you lord to provide me with the words to say. Keep me in your presence. Don’t let me get to busy to worship and pray. The talk could fill the page. Let me stay calm and in your will and not that of my own. Don’t let anger rise but in it’place let love shine. Thank you lord for the daily challenges and the words to respond!

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