What We Accept! Do We Really?

We can accept decay when we value anything more highly than God. If we value our won independence more than dedication to God, we placed an idol in our hearts. Soon our lives become temples to that god. We must constantly regard God’s first claim on our lives and all our desires.

Rebellion against God leads to disaster. God may use defeat to bring wandering hearts back to him. When all else is stripped away, we recognize the importance of serving him only!!

God’s Holy Spirit is available to all people. Anyone who is dedicated to God can be used for his service. Real heroes recognize the futility of the human effort without God’s guidance and power.





Home Bible Study!!

This was in 2009

Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible  Study at Home Without Permit

Published May 28, 2009


Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary have been told that they cannot invite  friends to their San Diego, Calif. home for a Bible study — unless they are  willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to San Diego County.

“On Good Friday we had an employee from San Diego County come to our house,  and inform us that the Bible study that we were having was a religious assembly,  and in violation of the code in the county.” David Jones told FOX News.

“We told them this is not really a religious assembly — this is just a Bible  study with friends. We have a meal, we pray, that was all,” Jones said.

A few days later, the couple received a written warning that cited “unlawful  use of land,” ordering them to either “stop religious assembly or apply for a  major use permit,” the couple’s attorney Dean Broyles told San Diego news  station 10News.

But the major use permit could cost the Jones’ thousands of dollars just to  have a few friends over.

For David and Mary Jones, it’s about more than a question of money.

“The government may not prohibit the free exercise of religion,” Broyles told  FOX News. “I believe that our Founding Fathers would roll over in their grave if  they saw that here in the year 2009, a pastor and his wife are being told that  they cannot hold a simple Bible study in their own home.”

“The implications are great because it’s not only us that’s involved,” Mary  Jones said. “There are thousands and thousands of Bible studies that are held  all across the country. What we’re interested in is setting a precedent here — before it goes any further — and that we have it settled for the future.”

The couple is planning to dispute the county’s order this week.

If San Diego County refuses to allow the pastor and his wife to continue  gathering without acquiring a permit, they will consider a lawsuit in federal  court.

Click here to  watch the full FOX News interview.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522637,00.html#ixzz277J4Cm1r

Keep your eyes on God!

Society has many rewards to offer those who compromise their faith:wealth.acceptance,recognition,power, and influence. When God gives us a mission it must not be polluted by a desire for approval from society. We must keep our Eyes on Christ, who is the Judge and Deliverer!!

15 He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

New King James Version (NKJV)The Holy Bible, New King James Version Copyright

Grateful in misery

My Road to Faith


    Dear God, thank you for my morning sickness, even though it lasts all day. It is a constant reminder of the blessing you have given my family. A few months of sickness (all though I pray it doesn’t last the entire time) is just fine with me, if it means that I get to spend a lifetime with my child.
    It is just getting colder here and winter is right around the corner. Another blessing from God. Even though negative 40 degree weather is not always fun (well, it is usually just plain miserable) it pushes us closer together and we enjoy the cozy indoors together.
    God’s blessings are right in front of us all the time. If you aren’t seeing them, open your eyes and look closely. Something as miserable as morning sickness is a blessing, because I am lucky to have it.

    “Give thanks in all circumstances; for…

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Why Wait Until Church to Be Excited About the Things of God?


I have never understood people who say things like, “I just can’t wait for church tonight!  I want to be in the glory!” or “I am so excited to go to church tonight!  I am ready to feel the presence of God!”  “I am so excited to go hear so and so at church tonight!  I am expecting a blessing!”  I know what they are trying to say, but to people who don’t understand “church lingo” you are giving a very wrong impression!!  You are making it sound like the only place God shows up to touch people mightily is in a church.

God does show up mightily in church, but I have to wonder about you if that is the only place you are “feeling” the glory, getting excited about Him, and getting blessed!  The glory, anointing, and the power to be blessed and “feel” excited lives on the…

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Judges! The Old Testament!

What a forgotten book of the Old Testament.I woke up this morning thinking about how can I please God this morning? What would he like me to tell people about him that they should know?

Real heroes are hard to fond these days. Modern research and media have made foibles and weakness of our leaders very apparent;we search in vain for women and men to emulate. The music, movie, and sports industries produce a steady stream of “stars” who shot to the top and then quickly fade from view.

Judges is a book about heroes—12 men and women who deliver Israel from their oppressors. These judges were not perfect; in fact they include an assassins, a sexually promiscuous man, a person who broke all the laws of hospitality, but they were submissive to God, and God used them.

Judges is also a book of sin and consequences. Like a minor cut or abrasion that becomes infected if untreated, sin grows and soon poisons the whole body. Take a look in the old testament and stand in awe of God’s mercy as he delivers his people.

Judges 17:6

New King James Version (NKJV)

6 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Sounds like today’s world!!