Grateful in misery

My Road to Faith


    Dear God, thank you for my morning sickness, even though it lasts all day. It is a constant reminder of the blessing you have given my family. A few months of sickness (all though I pray it doesn’t last the entire time) is just fine with me, if it means that I get to spend a lifetime with my child.
    It is just getting colder here and winter is right around the corner. Another blessing from God. Even though negative 40 degree weather is not always fun (well, it is usually just plain miserable) it pushes us closer together and we enjoy the cozy indoors together.
    God’s blessings are right in front of us all the time. If you aren’t seeing them, open your eyes and look closely. Something as miserable as morning sickness is a blessing, because I am lucky to have it.

    “Give thanks in all circumstances; for…

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