Why Wait Until Church to Be Excited About the Things of God?


I have never understood people who say things like, “I just can’t wait for church tonight!  I want to be in the glory!” or “I am so excited to go to church tonight!  I am ready to feel the presence of God!”  “I am so excited to go hear so and so at church tonight!  I am expecting a blessing!”  I know what they are trying to say, but to people who don’t understand “church lingo” you are giving a very wrong impression!!  You are making it sound like the only place God shows up to touch people mightily is in a church.

God does show up mightily in church, but I have to wonder about you if that is the only place you are “feeling” the glory, getting excited about Him, and getting blessed!  The glory, anointing, and the power to be blessed and “feel” excited lives on the…

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