Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday Sistersforchrist! It is one year ago that this page started as a sisters page on Facebook and then moved over to the blog!!! Thank you Father God for allowing me to share my life and experience as I take this journey with you, I have never felt more blessed.

Thank you father for your favor today at the doctor and the reconnect with a dear friend whim I had not seen in a long time. My God blessed the path of Lynn Dilly and her continued walk in being a strong Christian sister and friend, Thank you for that connection and the book she provided to help me get stronger in my prayer life.

God bless my sisters Tonya Ice and Courtney Henderson for their continued friendship. I miss you guys. Thank you to my best friend ,mentor, and counselor Pastor Kim Rollmann.  For always no matter what being there to minster to those in need. She is a blessing to all that come into her path. You will be bless when you meet this lady.

To all the bloggers who support this page and read the struggles of a fellow Christian and still return. Thank you all for a great Anniversary!!! Blessing , glory ,and honor to the lord Jesus Christ!!!

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