Lyn Leahz

Did you know Christians have been suffering all over the world for many years…and especially even more lately?  And now, the suffering is finally hitting us, here in the U.S.A., and we’re all fired up and mad!  We admit, we don’t like hearing about suffering in other countries and other cultures, in fact, we hate it.  But when it hits home, it’s finally enough to heat up the seat beneath our butts and bring us to our feet to do something about it. 

Let me tell you this…God is tired of His people suffering!  God is tired of babies and children suffering!  God is tired of homosexuality, adultery, fornication, and all forms of sexual  perversions!  God is tired of false doctrine and lukewarm Christians!  God is tired of the naysayers, the finger pointers, the unrepentant, and the shameless!  God is tired of disobedience and lack of caring!  God is…

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  1. sistertosister53 · November 9, 2012

    Amen!! Amen!!! I love it…Its time to speak out….and not be afraid to Stand on the Word of truth. Yes I do agree, when I talk about the prcecation that is going on around the world. I see some people don’t want to talk about it, or the attitude is well its not happening here. I told someone this week that we have not seen anything yet. Time is at hand. We have to choose whom are we going to fellow…Jesus Christ or satan. We can not serve two Masters…You can try but that isn’t going to work when it comes to Jesus. He is a jealous God….It’s time…and time will not waiting too long. Amen!! Have a bless day…God Bless you. Agape! 🙂

    • sistersforchrist · November 9, 2012

      You do the same! I feel that He is coming soon and that many will not know who he is and others will ignore what he has to say and continue on in their ways and fun. God wants to leave no one behind! Amen!!

  2. jesusmyjoy · November 9, 2012

    I nominated you for this award, add it to your site love you.

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