God Knows Your Heart!


Let me tell you what has happened to me since this morning’s postings! We all know how we have a dream job that we would like to have but never get. I had applied to mine last year and all openings were filled. I have been wondering about what
the Lord wants me to do and what the next step would be for me.

Well GOD is faithful! I got the call to see if I was still interested! Isn’t the father amazing! Can anyone else remember when God heard your called. Tell me your story I’d love to hear it! Amen!


  1. sistertosister53 · March 17, 2013

    Yes GOD Does know our hearts…Sister…And I am so thankful that He does. He says that He will provide us our needs. He knows what we need, and what we don’t need. He has been providing for me since I was in my mother womb I must say. I have many testimony to share of Him answering my prayers, and not answering them when I am wanting Him too. It’s all about His timing and not my own. I have been working for a company for six years. I know that He has reason and purpose for where I am, even when I sometimes would love to leave and get another. But again I know He can see things so far ahead that I can not see. So I must continue with what He has to teach me along my way. I can go on..but I will stop here. GOD Bless you with your Job…He is an Amazing GOD! and we must continue trusting in Him…Thank you for sharing this Bless News with us all. Agape! 🙂

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