Feeling This Way Today !

Feeling This Way Today !

Have you ever had a day that just makes you feel the way this picture talks about! Even when you feeling sore and tired; he is there! When your days seem to stand still and the world is not the place for you ;he is there.
If you day is awesome and everything is going your way and your cup runs over we happiness; look no further; he is there! Be blessed and highly favored this day dear brothers and sisters.


can you lose your healing

The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy in John 10:10, but Jesus said He came that we might have life to the full!  Whatever the devil seeks to do to you, God has your “antidote” to the devil’s “poison”!  The answer to the question can the devil rob you of your healing is yes.  The devil will take anything you will allow him to have!  Notice I did not say God will allow, but that WE will allow.

Oral Roberts did a study one year.  He noticed about 90 percent of all people who were getting healed, less than a year later were sick with the same thing again.  He began to do some research.  He found the ones that did not stay healed had taken back their diseases by letting symptoms talk them out of believing they were healed.  The other 10 percent had…

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