Update to What’s been happening!


Hello everyone! I hope his day finds you well. I’m here to tell our GOD is an awesome GOD!  I told you that I ask the Lord for the next step and he provided it the same time I asked for it! Well, it has come to pass!
I told you I work in hospice and that I can’t stand on my legs like I use too and he provided me with the opportunity to change that! I interviewed for the job two weeks ago and I can say , ” Our GOD delivers!!!! I have the job!
I have to tell you all Satan made it hard. He wanted me to doubt! He wanted me to feel that I wasn’t worthy of the position. That I couldn’t do the job! Then God said, “I don’t tempt my children!” If you couldn’t do the job I would not have provided it! I am that I am is with you!
I fall down on my knees and cry out to you father, thank you! I’m blessed to be the daughter of the most high God!!