The Battle is Just Beginning!

Good morning. As I sit here with my morning cup of coffee, I’m reflecting on this journey of chasing God.

The company that I work for will close it doors on January 31st , putting over 100 people out of work.

What goes through my mind is what is God up to now and will the storms ever end? In my quiet time with God he shows me the storms only make us clear and stronger in our faith to withstand the battle that is to come.

Tell everyone that the battle is not over and that your faith will be tested as he prepares you. Here I thought the journey would be easy; boy was I wrong!


  1. Terra · January 24, 2019

    Amen. Praying doors for another job opens up for you and the others who will be without. Praying your source of income will not skip a beat in Jesus Name. Believing that for whatever He’s allowing to take place that you will continue to pray for self and even your coworkers who may not know the Lord . Tough times will cause people to do the unthinkable. In Christ we can have that peace even if we are becoming worried about what we don’t see or know what will happen. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. Keep trusting, believing and praying. Rebuke the lies and all that the enemy will cause us to think in the storm. I’m taking a deep breath for you, for me and for humanity. 💕🙏🏽.

    God bless,

    • sistersforchrist · January 24, 2019

      Thank you for the words of encouragement and please continue the prayers and reading the journey.

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