Hearing the voice of God!

Does anyone besides me want to be more like Christ, but find that the weight of the world sometimes gets in the way? Do we seek the favor of man and the world more than God?

These questions for me come up a lot during the holiday season. I watch as we buy lavish gifts for our families and lose site of the meaning of Christmas.

I’m guilty of course, but I’m beginning to understand as I dig deeper into God’s word and how that word is affecting me and the choices I make.

I’ve been away from my page for far to long as God continues to draw me close. I’ve been going through a lot in the last several years and just recently a divorce.

The last few years have been difficult as I struggled to determine what was God’s will for my life. Could I make it on my own?…would I survive? The only thing that I continued to hear was God’s voice as I cried out to him in prayer for direction.

In the last twelve month as the divorce has become final, the sorrows are still their , but they begin to heal. As I trust God more, the blessings continue to come forth.

Now, I’m still a work in progress. He has lots more to do, but I feel a sense of calm in being still and listening. If you know me, you know this has been a process!

My goal is to continue to make sure that whatever the lord places on my heart, I share hear. So , as I learn to be still, I will share the message that the lord places upon my heart.